August 12, 2019

Top 6 Best Safety Shoes Brand |2019| Complete Guide

Top 6 Best Safety Shoe Brands |2019| A Guide

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Many people work in an environment where they have to wear certain suitable gears to protect themselves from hazardous things. For instance, falling objects at a construction site may cause foot injuries which, in turn, may lead to serious implications like an amputation. While such unforeseen accidents are inescapable, there exist measures like safety shoes or boots, that will cause you no damage and you can continue to work without any hassle.

For instance, industrial sites could be dangerous for employees, and precautionary equipment should be worn while working to minimize risks. Safety shoes become your best friend if you are functioning in such sites where there is a risk from sharp or heavy objects.

It is even more important to pick out the correct one from the variety of safety shoe brands. While picking the right pair for yourself, you must make sure that the steel-toe or the leather does not make you uncomfortable in any way.

As a result, we bring to you the top 6 best safety shoe brands to make your life easier. These are the best-selling and top-rated safety shoes for men and guess what, they are available online and that too at affordable prices.

Allen Cooper 1156 Men’s Safety Shoe

Best Safety Shoes Brand

Look dapper in this pair of running shoes from the house of Allen Cooper. These pair of shoes have been designed as per the latest trends in footwear fashion. It features a lace up closure and is available in the shade of grey. The shoes are made from suede leather with black corduroy and provide comfort to your feet. These feature a moisture wick breathable fabric lining.

Lace-Up Closure

The lace-up closure allows the shoes to have a snug fit balanced with comfort. The flexibility of the laces maintain a firm grip to provide the right amount of support to your feet.

Product Specifications

Sole Double Density Directly Injected PU Sole
Lining Moisture wicking breathable fabric lining
ISI 15298-Part(II) & DGMS Approved
Color Grey
Item Weight 1.46  kilograms
Material Type Buff suede leather with black cordura
Steel Toe Can withstand an impact of over 200 Joules
Features Oil & Acid Resistant, Anti-Static, Protects your feet from hazardous material


Udenchi Industrial Safety Shoes

Best Safety Shoes Brand

Udenchi is one of the best emerging safety shoes brand which provides you durable shoes. These Slip-On, Brown pair with steel toe are extremely light weight, comfortable and durable. If you are bored of wearing heavy safety shoes then it is time to move on to Udenchi. These are specially made for executives working long hours at construction and industrial sites.

Rotate your pair of shoes once every other day, allowing them to de-odorize and retain their shape. For their after-use care, use shoe bags to prevent any stains or mildew.

Product Specifications

Lifestyle Safety Shoe With Steel Toe
Closure Slip-On
Upper Material  Synthetic Leather, comfortable inner lining with anti-sweat & perfect grip.
Sole Material Airmix Sole having an anti-slippery grip
Color Brown

Hillson Torpedo Safety Shoes

When you think about shoes for the industrial workplace, heavy-duty footwear, or boots may come to mind. These boots, which have reinforced toes to protect the feet from hazards such as heavy objects, are important personal protective equipment (PPE) at many industrial and construction work sites. Additionally, you can use these for gardening purposes as well.

However, this type of safety shoe is a big no no for trekking. It is also advisable to order one size smaller than your actual size, as per the reviews.

Product Specifications

Upper Material Soft and flexible PVC for comfortable walk
Height 15 inches
Sole Hard PVC double density for better grip, abrasive, anti-penetration properties
Product Weight 830.0  grams
Amazon Best Seller Rank #23 in Safety Shoes
#6 in Gumboots


Bata Industrials Endura Low Cut Safety Shoes

Endura is one of the highest selling range of single density PU sole segment in India’s safety footwear market. It possesses a rugged light weight sole profile with durability and a comfortable fit. This pair of  shoe is heat-resistant and slip-resistant. You may find it to be a little tough to wear in the beginning, put this will eventually open up after a few uses.

Product Specifications

Color Black
Lining Material Cambrelle
Upper Material Leather
Sole PU
Brand Bata
Closure Lace-Up
High strength, abrasion resistant and breathable chrome tan printed leather
Light weight shoe that provides optimum safety and comfort
Reduces the loss of concentration due to fatigue at work floor
Heat activated thermoplastic counter stiffer that offers excellent shoe shape


Liberty Shoes Warrior Safety Shoe


Quality leather upper and high quality breathable lining materials are used for proper air circulation in this shoe for keeping the feet cool and odor-free. Wider steel and ultra light-weight, composite toe caps which provide more room for toe movements, thus, providing comfort.

This safety shoe is made up of cushioned insoles. Shock absorbing PU midsole with low density give a uniform cushioning and comfort. This pair includes light-weight PU for a feather light feel even during rough working conditions.

Product Specifications

Color Brown
Material Type Leather
Brand Liberty Shoes
Abrasion Resistant and Anti Skid
Slip-On closure for ease
DVP Nitrile rubber construction
European Standard Steel Toecap
Genuine Leather


Tell us in the comments section which one of the best safety shoes brand will you purchase. Why don’t you also check out our extensive articles on the best sports shoes for men and women, and tell us which one suits you best!


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